Roof Temperature in the Home

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How you build your roof can have a big influence on the temperature level inside your house. Discover what roof aspects make the distinction.

Roofing system colour

In school, we all found out that dark colours soak up light and lighter colours reflect it. Does this really matter when it comes to your roof?

The response is yes.

Light energy is transformed to heat, which can indicate that darker colour roofing systems absorb more heat. A research study found that plywood under dark roofing systems in direct sunshine is consistently 5 – 8 ° C degrees hotter than the plywood under light coloured roofs. This 5 degree modification can really make a huge distinction to the amount of heat radiated into your home. For all your roof painting needs we recommend the guys at Sydney Wide Roofing Co.

Roofing product

The same method that various colours take in light, different products soak up various amounts of heat.

Take metal roofs, they tend to warm up quickly but they don’t hold heat for long and are therefore bad insulators. Terracotta, concrete and stone tiles on the other hand are thick and have a higher thermal mass, so they save more heat.

Insulation is another roofing material that can have a big effect on the temperature level in your house. Sufficient insulation in your roof and walls will enable your the home of be warm in winter season and cool in summer season.

Find out more about insulation here.

Other materials that can have an effect on the temperature level in your house is the paint you use. You can discover paints or coatings that are developed to take in less heat, which will assist to keep the roof space cooler.

Roofing innovation

Although their efficiency has actually been challenged, whirlybirds and other roof ventilation can have an influence on the temperature level in your house.

They are created to increase airflow in attics and roof areas, for that reason moving trapped, hot air out and cooler air in. Their affect may appear minimal, it has been found that having lots of whirlybirds (rather than simply 1 or 2) is much more reliable. If you have any questions about installing skylights, whirlybirds or roof ventilation contact the guys at Sydney Wide Roofing Co.

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